Ride the Wilds – Northeast’s Largest Interconnected ATV Trail Network

Ride the Wilds is the Northeast’s largest interconnected OHRV trail system, offering over 1,000 miles of trails across Coos County, New Hampshire.   Trails are suited for both novice and experienced riders alike.  The varied terrain of the Ride the Wilds trail system includes everything from wide sections of undeveloped land that encompass the mountains, bogs, pastures and panoramas of northern New Hampshire, to graveled roads, woods trails, and plenty of messy muddy areas.

To accommodate riders, all the towns within the Ride the Wilds trail system allow OHRVs on town roads to access services such as food, gas and lodging, or to connect with other sections of trail.  Riders simply have to look for OHRV Permitted Signs on open sections of highway.  This unique experience allows riders to have a more relaxing experience while enjoying traditional northern New Hampshire communities.

Dedicated in June 2013, Ride the Wilds offers three seasons of OHRV riding and makes it possible to head out for a day or much more, thanks to opportunities to stop and stay along the way.  Starting and stopping points may be selected from more than a dozen options, including Berlin, Gorham, Milan and Errol on the eastern side of the county, through Millsfield and Dixville in the middle, to the Connecticut River towns of Pittsburg, Stewartstown, Colebrook, Columbia, Stratford, Groveton and Lancaster to the north and west.

“To have a network of OHRV trails of this magnitude, located so close to major metropolitan areas offers riders the chance to feel far away, but still be close to home.  Ride the Wilds offers an adventurous experience that can’t be found anywhere else in New England”, stated Harry Brown, President of the New Hampshire Off Highway Vehicle Association.

Current and potential OHRV’ers looking to learn more about Ride the Wilds can visit: RideTheWilds.org.  Or contact: [email protected]