JerichoMud2918The Ride the Wilds trail system was exclusively constructed and is maintained by the nine not-for-profit clubs that make up the system. These clubs perform countless hours of volunteer work to construct, maintain, and patrol the trails. Funding comes from a mix of club fundraisers, grants, and a portion of your registration fees in the form of grant from the New Hampshire Trails Bureau. No TAX dollars are available or used for this economic initiative; it is completely self-funded.

If you’d like to get involved to help Ride the Wilds grow and improve, consider joining one of the nine not-for-profit ATV clubs that created and maintain the trail system.

Your business can also proudly promote itself as a Ride the Wilds partner.  This sponsorships allows your business to use the logo on site and on your website.  To download the logo usage agreement form RTW Logo Contract!