Parking And Access Points

Not sure where to start? Consider choosing one of these five traditional ways to enter Ride the Wilds or contact the local Chamber of Commerce for additional information. Many clubs have maps available directly or in convenience and sporting goods stores in the communities where their trails exist.  At the bottom of the page you’ll find a detailed list of places to park.

: riding areas in the Town of Pittsburg
These multi-use trails range from graveled roads to tight woods trails with some muddy areas. Some trails run beside Perry Stream and Indian Stream providing nice views and opportunities to do some fishing. Full access to Pittsburg businesses.
Maintained by: Great North Woods Riders ATV Club (

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NORTHWEST PORTAL: riding areas in the Towns of Colebrook, Stewartstown, Columbia & Stratford
Enjoy of miles of multi-use trails. Traverse the rural landscape, ranging from a leisurely rail bed route, country roads, dramatic waterfalls, wilderness paths and a climb to the top of Dixville Peaks — the highest OHRV trail in the Northeast. Part of the trail travels along the Connecticut River and there are plenty of remote ponds and streams if you wish to fish. The southern part of this system was the first in Coos County to be developed. Full access to Canaan (VT), Stewartstown, Colebrook, Columbia & Stratford businesses.
Maintained by: Metallak ATV ( and the North Country ATV Clubs (

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NORTHEAST PORTAL: riding areas in the Towns of Millsfield, Errol, Dummer & Dix Grant
This section has many miles of logging roads with spectacular views and plenty of wildlife. In addition, Millsfield Pond is its hidden treasure with over 100 miles of trails and logging roads. Take an 8-mile side trip into Errol Village via the newly constructed 13 Mile Woods trail. Full access to Errol and Millsfield businesses.
Maintained by: Millsfield ATV ( and the Umbagog ATV Clubs (

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WMATVStreet4059SOUTHEAST PORTAL: riding areas in the towns of Berlin, Cambridge, Gorham, Milan, and Success.
Jericho Mountain State Park, home of the annual Jericho ATV Festival, is just outside the communities of Gorham and Berlin and offers a great riding opportunity. The Ride the Wilds Corridor trail runs through the park and then heads north through Success and Cambridge. Along this section of trail, there are spectacular views to the south looking at the Presidential Range of the White Mountains. The Androscoggin River Valley is a pristine valley and offers a wide variety of other activities such as white water rafting, boating, hiking, fishing and hunting. Full access to Gorham, Berlin, & Milan businesses.
Maintained by: Androscoggin Valley ATV (, Presidential OHRV (, and Sunset Riders ATV Clubs.

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SOUTHWESTERN PORTAL: consists of riding areas in Lancaster & Groveton
This is a great location to start your journey by accessing the Ride the Wilds trail system here. The local trail system is currently under development. Full access to Lancaster & Groveton businesses.
Maintained by: Kilkenny Trail Riders (

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Public parking is available throughout the Ride the Wilds trail system. Many motels, inns and B&Bs also have direct access to the trails.

Public parking is available at these locations:

WMATVstraightBlur3867-Jericho Mountain State Park Welcome Center parking area, Jericho Lake State Park
-Municipal parking area, 15 Cole Street
-Municipal parking area, 173 Pleasant Street
-Municipal parking area, 133 Pleasant Street
-Municipal parking area, 168 Main Street
-Old Bass Shoe Property, 218 Jericho Road
-Success Pond Road, off Rt. 16 Hutchins Street
-Dancing Bear Pub/Lemieux’s Garage, Route 3
-Diamond Peaks Motel and Store, Route 26
-Colebrook Country Club, Route 26
-Municipal Parking Lot ,Route 3
-North Woods Truck Stop, Route 3
-Bog Brook OHRV Parking Lot, End of Blake Road
-Newell Brook OHRV Parking Lot, Route 16 and Newell Brook Road
-Seven Island Bridge OHRV Parking Lot, Millsfield Pond Road/Route 16
-Gorham OHRV Parking Lot
-Coos Junction, Route 3/Summer Street
-Crane’s Snowmobile Museum, Route 3/Downtown
-FB Spaulding’s OLD store, Bunker Hill Street
-Route 110B near Cedar Pond
-Bog Brook parking, End of Blake Road
-Millsfield ATV Clubhouse, 1930 Millsfield Pond Road 20 spots
-Millsfield OHRV Parking Lot ,Route 26 and Signal Mountain Road, 20 spots
-Back Lake Road OHRV Parking Lot, Back Lake Road, 30 spots
-Murphy Dam Route 3, 30 spots
-Coleman State Park, 1155 Diamond Pond Road
-Burns Truck Stop, Route 3, 30 spots
Canaan, VT:
-Canaan Recreation Park, Route 102
-Canaan School, Route 102
-Fields across from Wayne’s Lanes, Route 114
-Northland Restaurant, Route 114